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Incorporating the latest innovation and technology in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to produce futuristic polyester films


Innovation-driven film manufacturing


Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd. is a world-class manufacturer of polyester films. We are the only organization with patented technology for dyed polyester film manufacturing in India and the USA. Established in 1957, the company houses a futuristic manufacturing plant that leverages the latest innovations in the polyester film industry to produce films that meet current market demands.

At Garware, we believe that innovation is the key to creating long-lasting and durable products. The polyester chips used as raw material to produce the final product are also manufactured in-house to eliminate reliance on outside vendors. Our integrated manufacturing process enables us to make films that deliver total consumer satisfaction.

We have four manufacturing plants to produce films of thickness ranging from 10 microns to 350 microns.


Polyester Film Applications


Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd can be used for a variety of end applications, such as label applications, electrical cable insulations, TV screens, etc.

Face Shield

Rigid, clear, and reasonably strong replaceable transparent face shields for protection against blood spatter in an operating room. High-quality face shielf to keep COVID-19 virus at bay.


Designed to provide excellent resistance against scuff, scratch, and tear. Coated on one side for lamination.

Electrical & Electronics

Clear and milky polyester films untreated on both sides for perfect cable insulation. Thickness ranging from 12 to 350 microns.


Coated with silicon on one side to enhance the release feature. Different levels of visibility allow for usage in various applications such as holograms, vinyl, roofing sheets, etc.


Transparent, translucent, and opaque films for a variety of applications: print, photographs, automotive labels, etc.


Co-polyester or acrylic coated on one side for print adhesion. Available in thicknesses ranging from 10 to 30 microns.


Designed for perfectly sealing with offline coating on one side to enable the sealable peelable feature.

Shrink PET Films

Mono-axially oriented co-polyester PET films with different levels of shrinkages. Designed to replace PVC shrink films.

Health and Safety

Passed JIS Z-2801 antimicrobial test with bacterial reduction >99%. Designed to exhibit antimicrobial properties on surfaces.