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Garware Automotive Films

Our advanced sun control window films are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility incorporating the latest technology

Vertically Integrated PPF Manufacturing


Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd. was established in 1957 with the aim to manufacture high-quality sun control automotive films. Our single-source facility leverages the most current technology trends to produce window films that provide full UV protection to an automobile’s interior.

The uniform color of our sun control films gives the perfect finish to a car’s windshields and windows. The films are available in different colors to help enhance the aesthetics of an automobile while cutting glare and reducing heat to keep the interiors cool.

Our Products

Sun Control Window Films Line Up

Our range of heat reduction automotive films offer complete UV protection and keep your car interiors cool.

Light Reflective Films

Coated with a micro-thin, partially transparent metal layer for light reflections and ultimate heat protection.

Premium Performance Films

Non-metallized, high-performance automotive ensuring zero signal interference and 100% heat protection.

Non-Reflective Films

Extremely easy to install, non-reflective films ensure fabric and leather protection against UV sun rays.

IR Films

Non-metallized films with NIR blocking organometallic nano-particles to provide ultimate heat protection.

High Performance (HP) Films

Professional quality metallized window film providing maximum heat rejection and aesthetic appeal for windscreens.