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Expanding into New Territories


The vision of our founder is our driving force to help us serve our customers and partners


Initially known as Garware Motors Pvt. Ltd. and promoted by Late Padmabhushan Dr. Bhalchandra (Abasaheb) Garware, the origin of Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd dates back to 1933. At the time, we were in the business of trading imported cars. In 1981, the company was renamed to Garware Polyester Ltd., with the shift in focus to polyester film manufacturing. Today, we are the leading manufacturers, suppliers of high-quality, durable, and highly tensile polyester films internationally.


Manufacturing Products of The Future

Our founders built the company with the vision to meet new horizons and combat challenges with competence and dynamism. In keeping with this, we leveraged the latest innovations in technology to build futuristic manufacturing plants that live up to the current market trends and meet the rising needs of our customers.

We dedicated the past and current decades to bring about an in-house technological revolution by filing new patents and launching innovative products.

Our manufacturing facility is dynamically made with pilot plants for film and polymer production. The in-house vertically integrated production plants produce resins that are used to create the final product. This ensures that our polyester films are created in-house, from scratch, to maintain the highest level of quality standards.

We have four manufacturing lines that house the administrative, manufacturing, and R&D for the production of high-tensile polyester films that last for decades.

Supported by close to 1900 employees, our company is built on trust and innovation. By staying updated with the market reforms, we aim to overcome challenging obstacles in a sustainable way through strong methodologies, adding value in everything we do.


A Commitment to Innovation and Excellence


As we delved deeper into simplifying the polyester film manufacturing process by employing innovative ideas and leveraging the latest technology, we were able to gradually position ourselves as the largest exporters of specialized polyester films across the world.

We have been consistently winning the Top Exporter Award by PLEXICOUNCIL for 33 years, becoming the world leader in the Global Specialty Polyester Film industry.

Right from procuring raw materials to meeting diverse industry requirements such as solar controls, shrink labels, our exclusive range of polyester films sustain the highest quality.

Our achievements and growth in the polyester film business is a direct result of our widespread sales and supply channels across the globe and our desire to be your preferred supplier.