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CSR Activities


Community Center For Awareness


Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd. set up a community centre at N-7, CIDCO, Aurangabad with the objective to develop social, cultural, educational, and sports awareness among all age groups. The center is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 as a Charitable Public Trust.


Hobby Classes and Study Center

Both activities were introduced in May 1933 at Renuka Mata Mandir, N-9, CIDCO, Aurangabad. The centre promotes values among member children through various hobby classes. Every year, more than 400 school children are benefited from the classes conducted throughout the year.


Self-defence is one of the most important skills required to keep ourselves safe. Therefore, we organize Karate and Rope Mallakhamb activities for school-going children. About 95 members benefited from these activities in the last year. Many students of these classes were selected to participate in State and National teams.


This is a special type of activity conducted by Garware Community Center for high school students. A study hall with adequate facilities is offered to each student preparing for their board exams. Questionnaires and books are also made available to help them score well. Nearly 500 students take advantage of the study room. There is also a separate arrangement for women.


Every year, more than 400 school children gather at our community center to play group games, sing, and narrate their favorite stories. The center provides all necessary equipment to member children for games such as Trade, Snake-ladder, Chess, Carrum, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Lingorcha, Volley-ball, Kabaddi, Ring Tennis, Kho-kho, etc.


Gymnastics is the base for all sports. At Garware Community Center, we have specially trained teachers who help students master the art of flexibly moving their bodies in different conditions. More than 200 children falling in the age group of 5 to 15 years participate in this activity.


Hand Pump Repairing Project


In view of the scarcity of water, we intend to implement the project of making clean drinking water available through:

(a) Rainwater harvesting
(b) Erecting/reviving bore-wells

Since the rainwater harvesting project is already being carried out by various governmental agencies and foreign-aided NGOs, we have shifted our focus to the second project. 

Instead of erecting new bore-wells, we are reviving the existing ones that have the capability to function perfectly after appropriate maintenance.

In this context, we successfully repaired 55 hand pumps in 17 Villages of Gangapur Taluka, Dist. Aurangabad. Our next step in the project is to provide adequate hand pump repair training to the villagers.


Building the India of Our Dreams


Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd. has set up 158 Bal Bhavans across the country. We are also working on developmental projects to facilitate sports and cultural activities, make travel easier, and help those who are affected by natural calamities.


In order to facilitate the citizens of Aurangabad to conduct sports and cultural activities, we aided Aurangabad Municipal Corporation in building and maintaining a stadium in the MIDC Chikalthana area. The citizens are now able to utilize the stadium and conduct sports activities like cricket, volleyball, badminton, football, yoga, karate, judo etc. at Garware Stadium. Approximately 15,000 people benefited from the Yoga Camp organized at Garware Stadium.


Aurangabad attracts a lot of tourism, primarily due to the historic Ellora Caves. We decided to add a touch of elegance to the Aurangabad Airport. The Garden at International Airport at Aurangabad has been innovated and maintained by Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd. This creates an exclusive atmosphere for welcoming tourists.


In 1991, the entire country was shaken by the Uttarkashi earthquake at a magnitude of 6.8. Thousands of humans and property worth crores were lost. The shattering flood situation at Paithan Dist. Aurangabad in 2006 was another such calamity. 
Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd. played an important role in helping the people affected as a result of these calamities. We dispatched a team of volunteers along with food, clothing, and utensils to help those in need.