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Garware Architectural Films

Our energy-saving sun control window films are designed in a vertically integrated manufacturing facility that runs on cutting-edge technology.


Single-Source Manufacturing Process


Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd. is a world leader in manufacturing polyester films for a variety of applications. The company was established in 1957 with the aim to integrate the latest technology in our film manufacturing process and develop the products of tomorrow. Our ISO-9001:2015 certified facility produces the ideal sun control window films for any glass trait.

Garware energy-saving sun control window films are strategically designed and manufactured to reduce glare, block 99% of harmful UV rays, and regulate the temperature of a building’s interior. Glass, being brittle, is susceptible to breaking. Our films hold the glass strongly together to minimize the risks of an accident.

Through our end-to-end manufacturing process, we produce sun control window films that enhance the safety and aesthetics of residential commercial projects while delivering total consumer satisfaction.

Our Products

Range of Architectural Films

Our sun control architectural window films are available in different shades with various levels of light transmission.

Decorative Films

Available in multiple colors and unique designs to enhance home and office interiors.

Privacy Films

Made for maximum privacy from prying eyes and enhancing the aesthetics of the building.

Exterior Films

Scratch-resistant coating with a micro-thin, partially transparent layer of metal to deliver a mirror-like finish.

Reflective Films

Coated with a micro-thin, partially transparent layer of metal to give a mirror-like finish to prevent visibility from outside.